Our Tesla Detailing Services

When you take delivery of your new Tesla, you’re experiencing the pinnacle of automotive engineering. Our New Tesla Preparation service is designed to ensure that your vehicle’s beauty and integrity are preserved from day one. Our process includes:

  • Thorough Inspection

Our experts meticulously inspect every inch of your Tesla to identify any imperfections or blemishes that might have occurred during transportation or delivery.

  • Decontamination

We eliminate any contaminants such as industrial fallout, rail dust, and pollutants that may have bonded to the paint surface during transit.

  • Paint Correction

Using advanced techniques, we remove minor swirls and scratches to reveal the true brilliance of your Tesla’s paintwork.

Your Tesla deserves the utmost protection to keep it looking stunning and shielded from the elements. Our Tesla Protection service ensures that your vehicle’s appearance remains impeccable for years to come. This service includes:

  • Ceramic Coating

We apply a high-quality ceramic coating that forms a protective layer on your Tesla’s paint. This coating enhances the shine, repels water, and guards against UV rays, bird droppings, and environmental contaminants.

  • Interior Detailing

We clean and treat every surface inside your Tesla, from premium leather to futuristic touchscreen displays. Our interior detailing service guarantees a fresh and inviting cabin that matches the elegance of your Tesla.

  • Wheel and Tire Care

our Tesla’s wheels and tires are in constant contact with the road. We ensure they are thoroughly cleaned, dressed, and protected to maintain their sleek appearance.

Protection Options

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